9 Must Have Wedding Detail Shots | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

It's no secret that I am a detail photographing junkee....& the prettier the details the happy my heart is. So I've compiled 9 MUST HAVE detail shots that make any wedding album complete!

1. The invite suite with the ring in a Mrs Box...add a silk and willow spool and you've got one gorgeous shot that would make Style Me Pretty jealous.

2. The reception head table with its gorgeous centerpiece...I am a sucker for an amazing tablescape and you should be too! those centerpieces took a lot of time to piece together and make any head table a work of art!

3. Dress detail with your gorgeous ring....Dresses can have some pretty intricate detailing and I am a HUGE sucker for a gorgeous tulle dress. Pair that with your stunner of a ring and you've got the prettiest detail shot ever!

4. Your engagement ring with an heirloom family necklace....there's no secret, I LOVE ring shots and when you pair it with your grandmother's pearls, well let's just say #swoonworthy.

5. Have specialty drinks just for your wedding?? well that crafted sign makes a great addition to your album and helps commemorate those handy drinks that everyone loved so much!

6. A unique dress shot. Yes you spent a small fortune on it and it's your pride and joy on the wedding day, it deserves to be the center of attention just as much as you and your hubby. So creating a unique dress shot will help preserve that dress forever!

7. The classic "Grace Kelly" portrait. I'm all about selfies, heck I even bought a selfie stick! So I always try to ensure each of my brides take at least one "Grace Kelly" shot to pass down for generations. 

8. The Cake!! Oh my gracious, how I LOVE cake...so before it's smashed into your face (& your husbands) I always like to save that pristine moment in all it glory...

9. Your Shoes. Yes even your shoes get special attention! Each one of my brides buy a special pair of shoes to wear on their wedding day & boy are they spectacular...I LOVE taking this shot almost as much as the ring shot!

There are so many details that need to be remembered on your day so I send my brides a handy-dandy list of "must haves" to ensure that each detail is captured to tell their story...there are more than 9 but these just happened to be some of my favorites! I also suggest perfume, other jewelry you'll be wearing, your something borrowed, blue, etc...

I hope you enjoyed this post! Cheers to 2016 weddings <3