Putting on the blinders | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


Wedding planning can be kind of crazy & just a tad bit stressful. Ok I'll cut the crap and say it's downright cray cray. There are a gazillion wedding inspiration blogs, magazines Pinterest boards...so how do you keep your mind from exploding or worse-your wedding look like the cover of ADHD Wedding Magazine? 

You need to put on the blinders. 

What vision do YOU want for your day, I'll be honest I didn't have a dream box full of ideas for my wedding day, I didn't dream of the day since I was 5....in fact I just wanted to grow up and be a Barbie-for real y'all! So if you were like me and didn't have "The Ultimate Wedding Dream" this can be an overwhelming time for you, but relax girlfriend-I'm here to help;) 

So putting on "The Blinders" can help reign your focus in...so instead of surfing the Internet and pinning to 10 different theme boards, find the one theme or "look" YOU want most. What speaks to your soul, looks perfectly like your style and sums up WHO you are?? 

For me I love Blush, Gold, Rose Gold & Navy (add in some glitter and it's perfect y'all!) for you it may be yellow, burgundy & navy-whatever color YOU like go with them! That speaks your love language my friend! 


It is SO hard living in a digital world not to get pulled into a million different directions, you'll have your mind set on one location or dress and then you'll see a blog post about "10 gorgeous wedding venues you must see" or you'll watch Say Yes To The Dress on TLC and book an appointment at Kleinfields because that's where unicorns live-so your dress lives there too! WRONG. Once you've found your dress...stop searching! You've found it and looking more will only complicate the matter. Your venue is the first thing you book, once you've booked it-that's it! Ignore those "10 wedding venues you must see" you can view those babies after the wedding. 

Hiring an event planner or wedding coordinator might just be your saving grace. Hey I know your a DIY girl, but if you could save time (& your sanity) why not?! Those creative peeps plan weddings like it's nothin' and keep you from stressing out! They also have connections in the industry and can make it all a one stop shop for you! Because we both know there is no greater feeling then check marking something off your to-do list;) 

The most important part of the whole process? Take time for yourself. Take a day off from planning and go out for a spa day or a quiet coffee date! Remember to have a date night for you and your husband-to-be....it will help keep you centered and keep you both centered on what really matters...your relationship!