Is 8 hours REALLY enough?? | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I've been asked a few times when bride's view my packages: "Is 8 hours really enough?" & my answer to this is always-YES!

-So here's the why: I explain to my brides the pre-ceremony/ceremony details should be the first things they want covered the most-so designate your starting time to reflect that. then work 8 hours from it. Most weddings do not start EARLY in the morning most of my weddings start about 2:00 pm for getting ready, that gives you until 10 pm to have photographs! Reception details aren't the make or break portraits. Capturing the first dances, cake cutting and intimate moments celebrating with friends and family should be preserved...I just explain to my brides that having 6 hours of reception coverage isn't alway necessary! You have to remember a lot of your guests will be capturing that part of the day (in fact I ask only the ceremony be un-plugged...the reception they can snap long as they are respectful of me) Receptions can get a little crazy too, especially when alcohol is offered. Not everyone wants a 1,000 photos of drunk people's not pretty. 

What about the send off you ask?

-I've introduced the solution of "Mock Exits" to my brides and have had really great success with it! Plus the burn rate from sparklers has decreased because we are now doing it when guests are still sober! With the "Mock Exit" the couple will have the DJ announce the couple will be doing a special send-off for photography purposes and anyone who would like to take part can at {insert place here}, afterwards the party will continue so please return inside with the couple to celebrate more! 

I offer additional hours for coverage but 95% of the time  my couples never have to add it! 

I hope this helps!