9 Ways to Glam Up Your Wedding Day | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I'm all about sparkles y'all, in fact I think that Glitter should be a color! So when my SHP Brides share the same love and glam up their weddings-well let's just say it's a match made in heaven!

So how can YOU glam up your wedding and make it even more special (& sparkly!?) Here are 9 ways that you can achieve this:

1. Give those boring hangers a facelift! When I do dress portraits I hate showing up and seeing plastic hangers or worse...the wire hangers from "Mommy Dearest". If you have wooden ones or plain white ones, spruce them up with glitter or be-dazzle them! They will look SO much better in your dress shots then the plastic ones the store provided or the wire ones from the 80's with the paper on it.

2. You don't have to buy sparkle shoes, but you can buy shoes with bling! Brides don't really think about what's going on their feet, but if you purchase some shoes with a "wow" factor it will make that detail shot POP! plus they are just a fun accessory to add;)  && who doesn't love a new pair of shoes!?

3. Bridesmaid's will THANK YOU if you choose the sparkle dress or art deco beaded dresses. Seriously what girl doesn't love a Badgley Mischka sequin gown or a Pamella Roland beaded gown?! umm hello amazingly gorgeous wedding!! These dresses scream show stoppers for sure and your girls will THANK YOU for choosing such stunning dresses!

4. Sparkle shoes (or flats) for your bridesmaids. I'm not saying pair those with the sparkle dresses...oh no no no! If you pair them with your maid's solid color gowns you can really have an awesome pop of fun to your bridal party! You can do sparkle heels or even sparkle flats! 

5. Sequin Table Runners. Amazon sells these babies and they are AH-mazing. You can also rent them from most event rental companies! They really make your reception space gorgeous and also bring it up a notch! Paired with overflowing centerpieces (think lots of greenery) and different sized cylinder candles....whew that's a dream!

6. If you have a "cooler" weather wedding...add vintage fur stoles! Not only does it keep you somewhat warm they also really photograph well. You don't have to pay a fortune for them either!!! Shop your local thrift store or antique store and you can find them for a bargain! 

7. Black Tie Affair. Sometimes specifying that your soiree is a "Black Tie" event helps keep the wardrobe choices classy, we all know that dad loves his wranglers...but when he see's the dress code is black tie then he'll opt for the suit to keep his princess muffin happy on her big day! Black Tie also ensures that your family portraits are lovely and formal and that also your reception shots look like a party at the white house;) 

8. Grab those Confetti Poppers! want a unique and FUN send off?! they have these awesome confetti poppers that shoot out fun colored confetti! a much safer route when your guests are a bit tipsy...because alcohol and sparklers never mix well my friends-TRUST ME! You can even do this for the recessional instead of birdseed! Just make sure your space is well lit for the confetti send off ;)

9. Adding the Large Round Balloons. OK so the wedding world MAY be tired of this trend but I will NEVER get tired of those awesome bulbous balloons with the pretty tassel handles! it really creates a fun twist for bridal shots as well as an adorable accessory for the get-away car (which is totally a must! and antique car collectors LOVE sharing their rides for bride's & groom's!) you can find those balloons here.