.....and now they are gone | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

Lately it seems that brides have been like me...procrastinators. So y'all hear me out, because I can completely relate I promise!!

So what's wrong with sitting in your yoga pants and dragging your feet on actually BOOKING your wedding vendors...I mean come on they'll still be available when you get around to it right?


I just recently had a few brides get disappointed because I booked up....If there was no contract sent (which has a two week expiration) and no retainer paid-well that's free game for the next bride that wants that date! I book a year-two years in advance. So if ya reeeeally love me (I love you too!!) then let's be friends aannnnndddd sign that contract as soon as you can.

The same goes for venues, florists, bakers....they all fill up FAST I really never knew how fast florists filled up until I became good friends with some of them! Venues of course book years in advance...much more advance then I do. So if you find someone you love and you really really want them, don't play the waiting game because they'll be gone!

I'm just trying to educate my brides and save them from the heartache of loosing out on an incredible creative they could've worked with...this industry is a booming/fast paced place. So remember....if ya see somethin' ya like, you'd better grab it because it's not going to stick around;)