Dear Multi-Tasker, this is for you. | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


I'm a multi-tasker, it's a given when you start working in the Financial Industry. Seven years in and I can talk, type and answer the phone all while preparing documents. I also juggle being an almost full time wedding photographer. I had a goal of booking 10 weddings because I felt that was a realistic option with working a full time job and taking care of a five year old. (you can read how I balance it all here.) I booked 13. Thirteen. So I've been juggling a wedding on the weekend and working 9-5 Mon-Thur and 9-6 on Fri, plus 9-12 on Sat....which means I'm leaving work to go shoot a wedding. That's insane. It doesn't bother me though, I'm tired a lot-yes, but it's became second nature to's two full time jobs and I'm making it work-you know why? because it's a crazy dream that I want to make a reality + no dream comes true without a little hard work.

So if you're balancing two full time jobs (basically) I am totally cheering you on!!! YOU are a rockstar. I'm right there with you rocking the #weddingbun during the week because you're too tired to style your hair. If your rockin' the coffee cup that's glued to your hand....well I rock that accessory too. We are true soldiers, battling it out and we CAN do this!!!! That dream of Full Time Wedding's there and it is attainable. Slowly start saving, paying off debt (if your like me and have a Kate Spade from Poshmark-it's half the price!). Start planning, make the goal and work to achieve it. I'm here for you!

Encourage others who are in the same grind. I try to reach out to those who-like me-work a 9-5 (sometimes even longer!) and also are trying to make their dream a reality. If we support one another and encourage-we won't burn out as fast.

Also I've learned that even though I want to go Full Time, having my job now allows me more comforts (like health insurance, extra cash & stability) Having an awesome manager definitely helps keep me grounded as well-because jumping ship before I'm ready could be financially disastrous. Don't rush into financially ready to take on being a small business owner. Working in finance has taught me that oh-so-well...I've seen small business owners have to take a loss because they didn't plan and they weren't smart with their finances. Sit down and go over everything-then plan accordingly.

I know editing till the sun comes up and then having to go into your day job can be exhausting, feel like it's all for nothing and can be discouraging after being in photography land (with all it's flower crowns and pretty dresses) to getting yelled at and told your an idiot because they wanted duplicate checks and not single checks...(maybe that's just me). I needed a I printed out two quotes from two amazing mentors of mine. The first being Mary Marantz and the second being from Amy + Jordan Demos. I have them taped to my desk and when I feel frustrated or that I'm ready to walk out and file bankruptcy....(yes it's that drastic sometimes) I read those quotes and I'm reminded that THEY TOO had full time jobs, Amy + Jordan know the struggle-they lived it and now...they are full time amazing photographers shooting one the cast member's of Glee- wedding. Did I mention they made it in people magazine?! It can be just takes time + patience. (and a lot of praying)

So as I sit here typing this at my desk...I want to reach out and hug you, then give you an awesome high five because we are making it work. Everyday we are working towards our goal and we will live the photography land dream soon...just hang in a little bit longer, keep pushing through and give yourself a break. Don't over-do it ;)