Game Changers and A Special Announcement! | Charlottesville Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

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Can I be honest with you? 6 years ago I had this idea that I would be a photographer. I literally had no idea what I was doing with my camera and kind of just winged it for a few years. I wanted...actually-I desperately needed-help from someone, anyone really, in the industry to take my dream into a reality. I reached out to several photographers and I was met with either silence OR pay 1,400 for me to tell you all my "secrets". It was discouraging and lonely. I get that it's a livelihood for most photographers, but it's not something so secretive that you can't share some knowledge with others....

So I am here to tell you some things that may help, this is NO guarantee and Lord knows I am no expert. I just want to offer some sort of advice or help in some way, because I was once there too.

The first game changer for me was: changing my business name. My sweet friend Katelyn James basically said-in the nicest way possible, literally-that I changed my business name in the middle of wedding season last year!! I mean really think about it: Your Business is YOU, you are the face and the personality behind your business. It's crazy not to use your name! Now when I come to weddings I'm not introduced as my old business name, I'm introduced as Sarah-My wedding photographer! 

Second game changer: Blogging. For me I blog twice a week, granted I've fallen behind some weeks (I work a full time job on top of this and I'm a mom....give me a break) but blogging has made a true difference in my online presence. Don't know what to blog about? think about blogging past sessions/portraits...also write content for other creatives and your brides! being informative is a great way to increase blog traffic.

Third: Social Media really does work! I am current on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Yes the new changes are making it harder but if you know how and when to use WILL still work out for you. Don't give up!! Brides are always searching for content, think "bride" and hashtag for things you think your bride would look for, PIN on pinterest-pin worthy posts are a brides best friend.

Fourth: Be personable. Be genuine. Be a friend.  I cannot stress this enough when I mentor....brides want to have an experience, they want to enjoy their time with you and they are more likely to do this if you are more of a friend then "just a photographer". Connect with them, make these moments matter, go the extra mile and HELP THEM. Connection is KEY to a great experience. <Read more on that here> 

These are just SOME things that I like to offer to my mentors or workshop attendees, WHICH brings me to my next PSA: There will be ONE "Sarah Houston Workshop" this year, curious? It will be November 27th and seats will only be $185 per attendee for 3 hours of instruction with me! This won't be like any of my other workshops and I am ready to bring a new approach...more details will be coming soon ;)