Even best laid plans....| Personal Post | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


I was always a planner, the person who had to have everything lined up and ready to go because I hated surprises or not having a back-up plan when things went wrong. Funny how God always showed me somehow that even the best laid plans aren't set in stone. I would sit down every December and plan out exactly how many weddings I needed for the next year, I'd then pray that the inquiries would start flowing in. Well....they would...but they didn't have the budget for my services or I was already booked those few days that they happened to inquire for. Panic started setting in....and I would start to freak out when I saw the number I needed versus the number I had actually booked. I'd start to doubt myself and think is this REALLY what I am suppose to be doing??if it was...surely I would be booming alllll the time right? But then God stepped in...no not like some divine intervention-I was reading a daily devotional on one of my apps(smart phones are amazing y'all) and there it was clear as day-God was telling me not to fear that he would provide, I just needed to have faith in him. Then I started thinking back to all the other times in my life where I needed things and God provided every.single.time. Granted it's in his own time...but he STILL provided in some way. 

So with 2016 wedding season inquiries starting and we are all praying and hoping that our calendars fill, I want you to stop worrying and start praying. Honestly once you give it to him, don't take it back and let God take control <3

I just wanted to give that positive encouragement today!