Looking up....| Personal Post | Sarah Houston Photography | Virginia Wedding Photographer

You know when you were younger how you had certain people you "looked up to"...role models or people you wanted to be when you grew up. Remember how you saw them in a different light than others, how you held them to a certain standard-like they were on a pedestal.  You maybe had a poster of them on your wall....

Well in the "photography world" some of us feel like that- it's kind of a struggle actually. We look up to well established photographers in the industry and think....do they ever take a bad picture?? Do they ever struggle with bookings? I bet they even own unicorns in their back-yard. What we don't realize is that they struggle too, they have insecurities and sometimes they have down times where they are praying for a booking to come through too (but most likely not as often...).

They are normal people just like you and me. Outside of photography land (of elephants with flower crowns and designer wedding gowns) they are just so and so, they shop at Target, wear yoga pants and rock messy buns and they have imperfect moments just.like.us. So why is it that we treat them like celebrities? we adore them (I think it's because some of them are just so darn sweet!!) but they don't have the time (or the memory) to remember every, single, one of us...or even "follow" or "like" our stuff as we religiously do theirs.

we all get caught up in thinking that because we follow them and love their work...that it was a given they'd do the same for us. The honest truth is...they can't and that's ok. They are busy living their lives, running their businesses and maybe in passing they'll remember us from posting something on their page. If not....well it's ok, because they are human.

So when you are caught up in photography world and you are feeling like you are not "in with the in crowd" it's ok, I've been there too. I struggle when I see all those amazing creatives being awesome together at some conference that I can't be a part of. It sucks...I'd love to go on a shopping trip with Katelyn James (because after all her style is so adorable!!), but she's a busy successful entrepreneur running a full time business. I'll always follow her blog and give her "love", but when she doesn't "like" back or "comment" back-it's not the end of the universe. and it's certainly not because she doesn't like me. 

So yes it's great to have those people you look up to...but remember that you are just as amazing. You can be successful too with dedication and hard work-because they too had to climb the mountain to make it to the top. They are still humble, one thing about Katelyn James is that she is the humblest person I've met-she doesn't think she's famous (but in photography world she sure is!!) & she treats you like your a friend when your around her (even if she doesn't remember you from a hill of beans). So no matter where you are in the industry stay humble. It's not a popularity contest-it's about the memories you create & most importantly remember where you started....because we all started somewhere and that person who is looking up to you and wanting YOUR help-shouldn't be ignored, shouldn't be put down. Help them, show them you care and let them know they are important. 

If you become uber successful and start shooting elephants with flower crowns-well good for you! Just remember the ones that loved on you and continue to support you and your flower crowned elephant photos.