For What It's Worth.....| Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


The other day a fellow creative had posted something on Instagram that really struck home to me, She posted about how she put too much self worth into "likes" & "hearts" on social media....that she was using this to get her self worth....I literally wanted to grab her and hug her. It was like someone had finally said what I was too scared to admit to myself. As creatives we put SO MUCH self worth into how many followers we have, how many "likes" & "hearts" we get on our portraits, there are so many times-including today-that I've clicked on photos just to see how much "love" it's gotten...and if it was less than 100 I would deem it unworthy. WHAT?! what the heck am I doing?!? My couple JUST messaged me to tell me how much THEY loved their photos and yet since the two portraits I posted only had 80 "hearts" I was upset with myself, I felt like I's sad. I've let myself become so consumed in the popularity contest that I've forgotten the core of the matter: my couples LOVE them, who the heck cares if it didn't get over a 100 likes and shared a bunch of times. The heart of the matter is this: Don't loose sight of your couples-they are the ones that matter the most. They chose you for a reason and they love you, that is what truly matters-not the amount of "likes", "hearts" and "shares"-it doesn't matter if you have a 100 or 5,000 followers....what matters at the end of the day is the memories you create that will last longer than the 5 seconds that photo lasts on social media.

Thank-You Callie for the reminder...