Pep talk for the weary soul | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


I've always been a sensitive person. I would get my feelings hurt so easy and cry over the slightest thing. I strived for excellence and perfection throughout my school days, always wanting to impress my parents and peers. I loved art and theatre and excelled in those areas, but what I didn't excel at....was critique's & performance days.

Gosh just thinking of those times makes my knees shake and I want to pass out. It was literally sheer panic, being called on...watched, then having what I worked so hard on torn apart bit by bit. I vowed to myself I'd never allow anyone to break me as an artist...that each opinion and modification they gave was only to help "better me". 

Fast forward to the day I decided to take this little hobby into the reality world. Oy Vie.

There were critics everywhere. every second. with a million things to say about what I was doing. They weren't nice, they tore me apart and for a while had me doubting everything I did.

But then I realized....who are they to judge?  Since when were they crowned the king/queen of photography land? isn't that the beauty of photography? that we ALL have our OWN VOICE? 

This is a short little blog post, but I wanted to let you know you are amazing, what you are creating is who you are as an artist. Be patient-it doesn't happen overnight but with hard work YOU WILL succeed. Ignore what everyone else doing, because the only thing that what YOU are doing.