Insecurities, The one man pity party | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


We all have them, you know that voice in the back of your head telling you that your not good enough, that your not pretty or that you can't wear certain things because you just don't look good. I know that voice, in fact that voice is a constant in my head alllll day every day. She tears me down in an instant and makes me question everything. Being insecure is rough and it's definitely a one man pity party that your invited to and you wish you weren't. Not only do I struggle with this for my personal life-I don't wear shorts, or cute dresses or skirts because I feel my legs are entirely too thin-I struggle with this in my business! I know that it's not really flattering to share this vulnerability, but I'm human!! I question my creativity, my work, my decisions as a business owner. It's a tough industry and like my personal life I wonder "what will people think of me, what will they think of my work??" in all honesty it really shouldn't matter...I should be comfortable in my own skin & in my own creative mentality. Who's to say that I can't wear what I want just because I am thin....and who's to say that my portraits aren't art? No one. That's all in my head, that's all me saying those things deceiving myself into thinking that I am not good enough! So it's time to break through this vicious cycle, to embrace my flaws and to except myself for all that I am. It's time for me to truly LOVE what I do and what I produce because it's made with a love that no one can compare. I.Love. What I do. I love those moments I get to share with each one of my wonderful clients and I am blessed beyond belief. So I encourage ALL of you that are in that place that I was...the one where you are doubting yourself and thinking of giving up...YOU can do this!! Having insecurities is normal, everyone has them..even photographers  who have been doing this forever! You define yourself. You create your art, your way and by golly rock the heck out of it because YOU made it!!    

    & if you want to wear that cute little number you saw at Nordstrom.... wear it & wear it like Tyra Banks ;)

    Be amazing in all that you are...because God made you & THAT is enough!