The myth behind success | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


The other day I saw a fellow creative post something about loosing a potential client because the client felt that since the photographer was not full-time & didn't own a studio-the photographer wasn't qualified enough. Uh...what??? I was really taken aback with this statement....No Studio, Not Full-Time = not qualified? Since when?! I work a full time job, take care of my five-year-old and run a successful wedding photography business. I'm a #bosslady like no other.

Just because you work a 9-5 and don't own a studio DOES NOT make you less of a photographer. What rule book ever said that? That's just crazy!!!! I've taken years of classes and mentoring just like so many other successful creatives in this industry. Just because I haven't left my full time job and bought a studio doesn't mean I'm not successful. It just means I am trying to prepare and cautiously plan my leap to full time....eventually. I am in no rush to take that step...full time steady paycheck, benefits and promotions/bonuses are pretty nice and definitely help afford luxuries in life we wouldn't necessarily have. So making the sacrifice of living my dream on the weekends is OK with me for now.


So the next time someone says you aren't a photographer because you work a 9-5 or that your not qualified because your name isn't on the side of some building....don't take it personal. That client wasn't meant for you anyway-all of my brides love me for me (& my crazy #bosslady life). When someone tells me that I'm not successful I just laugh it off, because booking 13 weddings a year AND working a 9-5, while maintaining a home, all while staying sane-is pretty darn successful to me.

Stay Fabulous and embrace your #bosslady status, now fist pump in your cubicle because YOU rock!!