Laura + Nathan | Rixey Manor Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

If I could sum up these portraits up with two words it would be Southern Wedding...okay so I would also totally sprinkle in: Classic, Elegant, Romantic. I could literally post every single portrait because I love them that much...


Laura + Nathan were naturally gorgeous in front of my camera, moving into naturally gorgeous, romantic poses all on their own, because their love for one another was oh-so-clear from the moment I met them. Cool thing is...they were "fake married" at a relay years before, say what?! It's literally like a story from a Nicolas Sparks book!!! and seriously...look at these portraits, the venue Rixey Manor created one heck of a gorgeous southern backdrop.


Laura's mom is one talented lady, she created all the gorgeous flowers for the wedding, they were so beautiful and crafted with love + care,  Deborah I think you should get into the floral business for sure!! These color combo's...I just love it! I even put the hashtag #ilovemintdresses on most of the images!! These ladies rocked it out and could totally be in Southern Weddings Magazine!



Laura's sister Kristen helped her get ready for her big day, it was so sweet to see her "Big Sister" look at her with such pride and joy! Ah so sweet!!! Then when Richard + Deborah saw Laura in her dress for the first time....well let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the room! They were both so overjoyed and excited for Laura....they were beaming the entire day!! Those moments between Laura and her family, those are the moments that I love...real-true-love that only a family has for one another.





& this is one good lookin' bridal party y'all! What makes it even more special is Nathan chose his Dad to be his Best Man....umm how sweet is that!? seriously Nathan was the picture perfect groom and Laura had all sorts of sweet surprises from him that day! Nathan's parents were so sweet and I know that's where he learned it from, Bill + Susan you both were amazing-you made the day so lovely not only for Laura and Nathan but for everyone who was present! & Also thanks for being blog readers, that was such an amazing honor to hear your blog fans!!




I wanted to end the post with this photograph, this lovely moment between Laura and Nathan....The way you look at one another, it's like the world stops-no one else exists but the two of you. The love that you have is the love that is meant to be photographed, shared and passed down for generations. Your love is kind, patient and full of joy. Thank you both oh-so-much for allowing me to tell your's just begun and I cannot wait to see it unfold for you both. Congrats Mr. + Mrs. Bryan!