It's ok to unfollow....| Business Belle | Sarah Houston Photography | Virginia Wedding Photographer

I'm totally guilty of it. The scrolling through my phone on social media and being envious of every photographer's work thinking-why can't I be that awesome? It consumes me so much sometimes that I literally want to quit. I start hating myself and what I've created....

Being an Artist is Hard. We are our own worst critics, we will put ourselves down more than anyone and it hurts more and digs deeper because that voice of doubt speaks in your head It's not easy to tell your own conscious to "can it", besides you'll look like a crazy person! 

So I decided to take to Instagram and post inspirational quotes to help remind other creatives that we are all unique and we all have our own voice. I've also cleaned up my newsfeed...I still "like" pages but only "follow" a select few. That helps eliminate the temptation to scroll and scroll and scroll....It helps keep your sanity in check too!

I praise often. Let me tell you-I get SO excited when someone says they love my work so if it's like Christmas morning to me....I know it's going to be like that for others. We are human and we all need affirmation we are "making it" so I give love every chance I get. If I love the photo-I let them know it! Praising one another keeps us all going. It makes them feel good and they'll hopefully pass that along to someone else!

Start #randomactsofkindness. This goes hand in hand with above. Send someone an email and let them know how awesome they are. See someone having a rough time? send them a card in the mail (or even an e-card!). Send a little gift to someone who needs a pick-me-up...because after all who doesn't like receiving packages in the mail?! Show kindness and love every chance you can-it changes the industry one person at a time.

Remember your mission-your "why". We all do this crazy passion for a reason and everyones is different. key note there- everyone's is different. So remember your why-what is it that makes you love and do whatever you've chosen to do....

It's not about what so & so is's about you and what YOUR doing. Does it make you happy, do you enjoy what you are creating? Then there is no wrong or right way...the best part of being an artist-is you get to decide the finished product with your voice, your style, YOUR HEART.