Sara + Devin Engagements | Rapidan Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


I've known Sara since our Art Class days...and when she became engaged to Devin-she asked ME to photograph their wedding. Me!!! I was so so honored!! Sara and Devin are getting married next year at the Chestnut Hill B&B in Orange Va. It's such a lovely venue and I can't wait to finally shoot a wedding there!! 


Sara + Devin were so adorable together and the love they have for one another showed in every photograph. Not to mention Devin was really awesome at "nuzzling" but only because he wanted to hide his face...nice try Devin! I love how the laughed, joked and even skipped!! & even though the humidity was crazy insane...Sara looked fabulous in 


I had so much fun exploring Rapidan, VA with them and Sara showing me all these cool little spots around her hometown! I know that their wedding is going to be just as awesome! 2016 hurry up please! now enjoy these lovely photographs from their small town engagement shoot in Rapidan, VA!


I mean seriously though....aren't these gorgeous?!


Sara + Devin you guys knocked your portraits out of the park! whew I love all of them oh-so-much!!