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Southern traditions are an important part of who I am and quite frankly my brand itself! I have always loved the quirky traditions passed down from great grandparents and honored on the sacred day of marriage. So I have decided to start a Southern Tradition 101 blog series & let me tell y'all I am tickled pink to share it with you! So here is the FIRST one to start off the series- Cake Pulls!

These are really really fun and are now typically done at the bridal shower. The bride will bake a cake then set Ribbon Charms into the cake for the Bridesmaids (or any female friends there) there to pull out! Another fun twist? bake individual little cakes with their own little ribbon charm in them!

Charms that you can use & their meaning:


Lucky in Love:

Anchor: You will find love that is steady and true.

Castle: You will live happily ever after.

Entangled Hearts: You will have everlasting love.

Fleur-de-Lis: You will live a life of prosperity. A traditional symbol among Acadian communities.

Flower: New love is blossoming.

Key: Love holds the key to your heart

Ring: You will get married within one year.

Wishing Well: Make a wish for true love and it will come true.

Heart: You will know true love in your life.

Crown: You will meet the man of your dreams.

Claddagh: You will have eternal love based on loyalty and friendship.


Good Luck:

Angel: A protector to watch over you.

Coin: Good luck in money.

Dime: Riches will be yours.

Dollar Sign: You will acquire great wealth.

Corkscrew: You will soon have something to celebrate.

Star: Your greatest wish will come true.

Four Leaf Clover: Good luck will find you soon.

Horseshoe: Good luck will find you soon. A traditional Irish symbol.

Kite: Something fun is about to happen.

Red Bean: Good luck is heading your way. A common symbol in Louisiana and South America.

Telephone: Good news will soon come calling.

Wishbone: Your wish will come true.

Bird: A new opportunity will soon present itself.


A Fortunate Life:

Key: You will have a secure life.

Shoe: May you always find one that fits.

Sun: Your future is bright.

Picture Frame: A lifetime of memories.

Popsicle: A lifetime of sweet surprises.

Sunglasses: You will lead a life of leisure.

Saxophone: Your home will always be in harmony.

Wreath: You will have a contented life.

Nautical Star: You will always find your way.

Golf Clubs: You will enjoy a life of leisure.

Pen: You will be famous.

Cross: You will have a life filled with peace and tranquility.

Seashell: You will have a life of timeless beauty.



Baby: You will have the next child.

Baby Bottle: You will be blessed with many children.

Pacifier: Your child will have a peaceful life.



Airplane: You will have a well-traveled life filled with adventure.

Motorcyle: You will lead a life of excitement.

Hot Air Balloon: An adventure in the air awaits you.

Ship: An adventure on the high seas awaits you.


Personality Traits:

Garden trowel: You are nurturing and caring.

Butterfly: Eternal beauty.

Mermaid: You are a free spirit.

Dolphin: You have a playful soul.

Recycling: You are an asset to your community.


& The Depressing ones...

Bad Luck:

Although many modern brides opt to forgo the unluck charms so that they do not hamper the joyous mood of the day, historically the cake would contain at least one ill fortune.

Thimble: A life of hard work.

Button: You will never marry.

Penny: A lifetime of poverty.


You don't have to use ALL the charms just a few from each category, then tie with a ribbon for the ladies to pull it from the cake. Most baker's in the south are familiar with "cake pull" cakes! It's such a fun southern tradition and creates even more lovely memories at your bridal shower! 

& if you happen to do this tradition I'd love to see your instagram photos! tag me at: @SarahHoustonPhotography & #southerntraditions101

Happy Southern Wedding Tradition's y'all!