Blogging...the struggle | Business Belle | Sarah Houston Photography

Today is one of those days where I stare at the little blinking cursor and think "what the heck am I going to write about today?!" and there it is-just blinking at me, taunting me with the blank page. it's hard not to get overwhelmed and wonder-"what AM I going to write about...." for me I'm trying to keep the blog posts from 2-3 posts a week...whiiiich can be pretty intimidating. So what I do is schedule my blog posts, because I can write when the idea comes and store it for another also helps my blog has an app that's on my iPhone for on the go moments ;)

So what do you write about if your trying to start or keep up with a blog....for me I do a few main categories such as: The Business Belle series, for business related posts, Wedding Wisdoms for my brides and I'm  starting a series called Southern Traditions 101 for my southern brides to help incorporate those traditions into their wedding day. Find something you love to write about and make a series to help "guide" you and keep you on track.

Blog about your life. Your brides-past, current and future want to know more about you. Gosh we all have that curiosity! Write about things you've done, trips your going on or just day to day life hacks you've discovered. Even blogging recipes is a great thing!

Pick consistent days and stick to it. Monday's are just no go for me all around....because it's Monday and also because my Full Time job requires a lot of attention on Mondays. So I've chosen Tues/Wed (and sometimes Thur too)  to post my blogs.  I also make sure I am at least good on posts scheduled for 3 weeks in advance-so if I need to squeeze in another post I just schedule it for Thur-boom! 

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Speak your voice-let it be heard and don't get scared of what people will think, or if they will even read it. I get blown away every time I post something when i see the numbers climb....It's so cool!! and even if they are only skimming over, that's ok-one day I'll post something that'll snag em' in ;)

Blogging can be tricky, especially if you aren't a fan of writing...but it's also really important for your business! So start with once a week and start slowly adding more days in...just remember to stay consistent!!