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I know I am not even close to having people be #fangirls of me. There aren't even that many people who even KNOW who I am....but last night I had the pleasure of attending the #cometogetherevent at Stevenson Ridge hosted by Katelyn James + Amy & Jordan Demos {btw if you don't know who THEY are....whew lord you are about to get schooled}. People were flocking to Katelyn, Amy + Jordan like they were Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. It was CRAZY!!! but if you knew them-you'd know that just even being in the room with them is a privilege. They are the most genuine, loving and kind people you will meet in the industry (there are more but i haven't personally meet them;)) They each took the time to talk to attendees, take photographs and welcome them like family. It's truly an amazing experience just to watch them gracefully interact with people-true photography celebrities. Katelyn STILL made it a point to give me a bunch of hugs, let me know she loved me and even asked about how things were going in my life. Even though I only mentored with her-she still made it seem like we had been friends forever...Katelyn has that way about her, you can't help but WANT to be around her and her contagious personality. So when she acknowledge me and even spoke of me during the conference-it was literally the best moments ever because I truly felt special. Amy + Jordan are the same way- I had just spent 3 days with them for their workshop and I am sure they are completely sick of seeing my face but they made time for a third #demossandwich picture with me, they still smiled and said they were glad to see was such an amazing experience! Throughout the event though...there were people coming up to ME and saying "oh my gosh your Sarah! I "follow" you on facebook or instagram, it was almost surreal because-I'm just little ol' awkward me! (and yes I was even more awkward then because I'm so bad with meeting people in person!!!) One stuck out to me the most- someone came up to me and said "I love your blog posts, they are so genuine and you really speak from the heart" HOLY MOLY...what?! people actually READ THIS?! I was so so blown away and honestly I could have hugged her a million times for saying that to me....but who want's someone they barely know hugging all over them like a crazy person!? So I guess what I am trying to say is a few things (lol) 

1. Photographers you look up to are HUMAN just like you, they are kind and sweet-so let them know you admire them & don't be afraid to get to know them as people!!


2. Love on one another. No matter what industry you are in-be #fangirls of one another-lift each other up and make everyone feel "special" because we all are!



3. BLOGGING does help!! I found out that people actually READ IT, so even when you think they aren't...someone is-Just like Katelyn said: "Even if it's your Dad or your Mom".


& To all the lovely amazing people who read my blog posts....I adore each and every one of you, I am so so thankful that you take out time from your day to read whatever in the world I think up.