Helping build your story through details | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

If you hadn't noticed....I am obsessed-yes OBSESSED with detail shots. I could take a billion ring shots and they never get old. I love my detailed oriented brides because they truly bring out my inner artist! My heart is SO happy when there are lots of gorgeous little details that help aid in telling the story of that day. 

So why should you worry about details? Let's delve a little into the "Why"....


Each of these little details help make up the "BIG" picture...they also pair so well with other photographs of your day! Imagine these paired with your bridal portraits through out the day and seeing them in your complimentary soft cover album (if you book with me! :)) looks STUNNING! 


It's also things you don't necessarily remember from that what perfume you picked out JUST for the occasion, what fabulous shoes you decided to pair with your lovely dress. Your grandmother's pearls that have been passed down for every bride in the family to wear...those details matter. Those details help create the story as well.

If you have shoes you want for the wedding day that are beautiful but painful (yes the saying beauty is pain-really is true!) you can have flats to wear when you need to take a shoe break! Get those stunning shoes, because it's a one day thing & you'll have a stunning photograph of those meaningful shoes to remember how fabulous it was!


Family Heirloom jewelry has to be one of my favorites (besides ring shots). My whole business philosophy is  built on how important Heirloom's are. They are tangible memories that meant something to someone-as they've decided to keep passing it down for generations. My Heirlooms are my grandparents "newly wed" self portraits in their pewter frames. They didn't have wedding photographs so those portraits they took after being married are the ONLY mementos of that day. 


Detail shots take me about 45 min to complete & they create these lasting memories of what little things helped shape your wedding day. Kind of like the foundation of it all! So if your planning your wedding or even dreaming it up now....make sure to include lots of details. You don't have to have expensive over the top things...but little mementos that mean something to you, that help tell YOUR story. I can't wait to see what you have on your wedding day!!