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Recently I had a few fun experiences that made me feel pretty {small}. The wedding industry is a busy place, full of many talents....but I don't want to be one of the products on the shelf that has to battle it out against the other name brands. Today I'm feeling like the generic store brand as I watch a few brides walk away from what I have to offer only to choose the name brand or another generic brand. When did it become a game of sell yourself better? I honestly just want my bride (& I say my bride because of this post ) to choose me for-me. I want her to love my work and want only I to photograph it. When brides email me and say they can't wait for me to share in their day-that's the kind of email that makes me tear up and say "oh my stars". It's not about trying to sell my work, it's not about am I better than the next photographer on the vendor list. It's about the connection, it's about the love they have for the portraits I've created....

It gets hard. I've had my feelings hurt because so and so didn't choose me or a colleague emails me and say's a bride who talked to me has booked with you  know what? They weren't for me then, if she was my bride-she would've been thrilled to have chosen me. I'm not for everyone and neither are you....there are brides meant for me and there are brides meant for you. If I had a bride who wanted to have death metal at her wedding on Halloween with a zombie wedding party....well that wouldn't quite work for me (granted I do love Rob Zombie!) but if she has a classic, elegant style with pearls, kate spade and mint colored dresses-well that's my kind of gal! It can be scary wondering if your going to book up your year & not being chosen can hurt your feelings, but your work is still amazing. Don't let those "no's" crush who you are.


It happens to us all, we all adore a couple but they may not adore us-we don't know the reason & honestly it doesn't matter. You are still a wonderful photographer, the bride that you want and who wants YOU is still out there. Realize that even if they didn't choose may be a good thing. 

My #SHBride will find me...just like your bride will find you...and once they do-well those pictures will be like magic.