#Where'smysoutherngirlsat | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography

I really love the look and feel of those gorgeous southern-towns, Charleston S.C and Savannah G.A have to be my two favorites! The classic southern elegance that makes up both of the cities is the epitome of my brand + my "ideal" bride. I love weddings and I love capturing gorgeous brides but when that bride has the details and the look/feel of classic elegance....well let's just say I am in heaven. So here are is the anatomy of the #SHBride:


1. She is a southern girl at heart...even if she grew up in New York. My Daddy calls em' yankees but Lord knows if they love sweet tea, say "hey y'all" and know where "ova yonder" is...well let's just say they are southern belle's to me. 

2. If she could be any celebrities she would be: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or any other classically amazing person. This doesn't mean they eat Breakfast at Tiffany's or marry into royalty after leaving the silver screen....this just means they are elegant, love classical-timeless style and prefer to exude the epitome  of southern grace-without the fancy schmancy talk and holding their pinky out.

3. Her shoes are fabulous-just like her. When my brides choose stunning shoes JUST for the wedding it literally makes me squeal. Just recently one of my brides chose gorgeous blue Badgley Mischka shoes with amazing rhinestone detailing....I literally died and went to shoe heaven y'all.

4. Dressing to impress. Like all Southern Plantations-beauty and elegance is a must. So southern belle's really put a lot into their appearances as well. Lace or Tulle have to be my absolute favorite gowns to photograph and ALWAYS look amazingly gorgeous.

5.  Believing in Southern Traditions. I'm a Momma's girl and still my Daddy's "little girl" so you best believe when it comes to having Mom & Dad see their daughter on her wedding day in her gorgeous gown for the first time...I'm all for it. When the couple wants to Bury The Bourbon....yes please! Can I get an "amen" #wheresmysoutherngirlsat. Also little details like something old, something borrowed...and having a sixpence in your shoe, those little things my brides bring to their day are just another reason why I love being a part of their weddings.

6. Southern Wedding-front and center. When brides contact me from Savannah or Charleston...even here in Virginia-about amazing locations with the true southern feel-well let's just say I'm more happier than they are about their day! Shooting those weddings makes me feel like I'm shooting for Southern Bride Magazine, which happens to be one of my favorite bridal magazines ;)

I love ALL my brides and all the lovely weddings they have poured their hearts into. They all don't have the Classic Southern feel and that's OK because I love , love, love capturing each of my wonderful couples love stories. When I DO shoot those Southern Weddings though-my little southern heart just says "Oh my stars".