The "Real" Bosslady | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

It seems that all the industry leaders are full time in their craft. They are successful because their business survives on it's on income...They become the face of #Bossladies everywhere. It's wonderful and I understand how extremely hard they've worked to get where they are, but where is the face of the work-full-time-while-supporting-their-dream person is? Where is the face of the person I can RELATE to? The one who let's me see that I can do this, that I just need to keep going and it is possible to be a wife, a mother and a full time employee while funding my small business.  Where is this person at conferences, at workshops, at anything it not ok to be a #workingbosslady? 

I work just as hard, if not harder. I work long hours too and I dream just as big....but there isn't some conference asking me to speak, there isn't some workshop that wants me to speak about HOW it's all done...I'm just a face in the masses, trying to encourage others the best I can. You can be a #Bosslday even if your not full time. You can and YOU ARE. 

I'm here to be your voice, I'm here to encourage you...& I may not be at the next big conference speaking about how you can do this dream while working for someone else, but I am here to help you, encourage you and just support you as best as I can.

Together we can rally together and do this. We've got this!!