What if I fall | Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

There's this saying: "All good things must come to an end" well geez that's a buzz kill. But I came across this quote on Pinterest:


It really made me think:

I can honestly say that I was scared, scared of being myself, letting go, taking the chance....being finally happy and enjoying my life.

I was holding on to something that wasn't meant to be held unto. I needed to let it go...I'm terrified, there's so much uncertainty but I can tell you this...the woman I was yesterday and the day before and the day before that was timid, scared and hopeless. The woman I'll be from now on will be a fighter, will have courage and will face tomorrow with hope.

Sometimes letting go and moving on makes you a better person than holding on and just surviving.

So what the heck does all of that mean?! Well instead of blasting my personal life all over the Internet (okay I have been somewhat honest in the past...) I want to keep this "something" to myself. It is simply me trying to let others know in whatever circumstance they may be in, that life will throw you curve balls, you can either catch them or let them fly on by. You can remain in the same place never moving and being miserable or you can take those steps into a better more promising situation. The thing is: YOU have to make that choice. 

It can be scary, uncertain and full of "what ifs" but how will you know if you never try? You'll be full of regrets and always wonder what could have been.  

So be brave. Just take a breath, leap and let yourself fly...don't be afraid of falling, because even if you do-your not broken...you get up and try again.