The lie we all buy into | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography

I think as photographers we all think: In order to be successful or actually "BE" someone in this industry we have to teach. We have to mentor and host workshops, because if you don't....then you aren't a true photographer. Let me tell you-that's the biggest lie ever.

I bought into that lie my friends...I actually thought if I hosted workshops and mentored that I would be the next big thing. WRONG. In fact the shear thought of it all made me want to hide under my blankets in my bed! I did it anyway though...I forced myself to be someone I knew I wasn't because I was afraid if I didn't I would fail. How silly of me?! really?!! 

If you don't host workshops and teach it doesn't make you less of a photographer. You are still amazing and talented!! Teaching isn't for everyone-TRUST ME-I found out that putting these things together just isn't my forte. Plus I am the most awkward person who talks with her hands...forcing people to sit through hours and hours of that isn't worth the money I have to charge-hahahahaha!! 

I think that we all get a little lost when it comes to the definition of success. Whether we think it is hosting workshops, speaking at a conference, planning two styled shoots a month....success looks different to everyone, success is defined different for everyone. Don't buy into the dream that when you start doing these "things" you'll be the next big thing....that brides will be knocking down the door to have you shoot their weddings. The truth to that myth is: Brides don't care if you host a workshop...they just care if you take gorgeous photos at a price that fits in their budget.