The uphill struggle | Charlottesville virginia wedding photographer Sarah houston photography

A friend sent me an article the other day stating that a lot of creatives struggle with big shock there. I can totally see why. The demands can be grueling and if you don't have support from family and friends it can be extremely lonely too. I myself struggle with being down on myself and doubting everything I do. Luckily I have an amazing support system that helps keep me afloat.

I wanted to write this for the creative who still struggles, who wants to give up and who thinks that they are alone. you are not. you are amazing and I promise you that the fight you are fighting for the dream that you have Whatever struggle you have going on in your can make it through. It seems like the mountain is forever climbing in front of you and that every step you take is small and unmeaningful...I've been there, I too looked up and all I saw was clouds...where was the top of the mountain?! it's scary to loose sight of it, to not know how close you really are. At Amy + Jordan's workshop they explained this....they said no one really realizes how close they are and then they turn around and give up...not even knowing that they were just a few steps from the top. That's so crazy to think about! 

Why do creatives decide to give up? They give up because they lost their fire, they give up because they have no more fuel to keep their passion alive. What can YOU do as a creative to keep yourself AND others from burning out? Encourage, don't discourage. If I had listened to the advice I was given when I first started out...I wouldn't be here. The majority of what I heard was: "you'll never make it", "you are not an artist", "do you even know what you are doing?"....I would reach out for friends, for help in the industry and I wouldn't hear anything back or I'd get one of those responses. The industry wasn't the greatest place for new people like me.

I know there are some really amazing groups out there that have started in lieu of this...because people wanted change. It's slowly starting to create the industry of community but it's not going to happen overnight. There are always going to be creatives who are afraid to share, afraid to loose their ground to someone new....because they are insecure in themselves. Don't let someone's insecurity define who you are, don't let them tear you down in order to build themselves up. Find your friends, true friends, friends you can rely on. Surround yourself with them and create your own "community" that you can rally together when things get tough. We all need connection, with it you won't fail. 

So if you struggle with comparison, depression, low self-esteem or just want to give up....reach out for help within your community. Let your voice be heard and someone will hear you out. It's not as lonely as you think...