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Image c/o: Justin + Mary Marantz

Image c/o: Justin + Mary Marantz

I always enjoyed Theatre, being on the cast and crew...creating the scenery and making the whole production. It was amazing to see it all come together and watching from the control booth you'd never know all the work that went into it behind the scenes. That's a lot like how life one really see's what goes on behind the scenes, they only see the production you put on for them. Recently I've had some really tough things going on, it's been super hard and stressful but I know for my job...for my business, I have to keep the production going. Behind the scenes's pure chaos, I think I even saw someone running around with their wig on fire. It's all about the appearances-the illusion of having it all together-that's why actors are SO GOOD at what they do.

So even though it may LOOK like someone has it all together, that they are successful and business is booming-you really honestly don't know what's going on behind the scenes for them. They could really be struggling with bookings but are recycling old images to give the appearance that they are busy. They also may have the prettiest instagram feed but really their house is a mess, their kid is crying on the floor at Target and they probably haven't washed their hair in a week. It's the appearance that they keep up that they've got it all together ;) Remember that post I did on The highlight reel? We all see everyone else's highlight reel and think-gosh why doesn't my life look like that. 

I want to reach out and really encourage you, I've been there...the one man show, being the cast, the crew & the director. It can be overwhelming and you just want to give up on producing...but you can't. There are people in the audience waiting to cheer you on, give you standing ovations and even cry with you. They are there....sometimes you just have to look into the audience. I think as creatives we need to be transparent with one another, we need to rely on one another and really encourage each other to keep the production on track. Life is messy, it can be pretty crazy/hectic behind the scenes...but once you have your audience you can make it through, you can succeed and it won't be as lonely. 

So no matter what is going on behind the scenes for you, keep the production going, keep dreaming and making it matter if the scenery falls down or the lights don't work you still keep going.

Reach out to someone today, anyone-let them know that you are in the audience cheering them on (well maybe not really worded in that way...) but that random act of encouragement can go a LONG WAY.

Cheers to all of you #bossladies <3