Why I don't like Pinterest | Wedding Wisdoms | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer | Sarah Houston Photography


Okay so I do "like" pinterest to a point.....the point of it's nice for ideas, but not for realistic life. I'm the person that will pin a million recipes, but I don't cook or bake. I'll pin things I really want but I'll never buy or be able to afford them. Then there's photography related things. I like to pin pretty photos for inspiration, for ideas and to help keep my creative juices flowing. So when brides tell me they have a Pinterest Board or they have a list of poses they got off of pinterest-my heart sinks a little bit.

Pinterest is a great tool for ideas, not for re-enactments. I love having the ability to create pretty portraits on my own-the chemistry between my couples can't be forced or faked. I merely like to use those "pins" as ideas or a starting point...as for re-creating the exact thing, I'd rather leave that to the person who first took the photo. I love natural, not too posey, gorgeous photos. I love letting the couple interact with one another and just gently guiding them into romantic poses...sometimes they do it all on their own!! 

So it's not that Pinterest is a bad thing...it's just better used as a tool and not a must have shot list. I cannot move the sun to be in a certain position, I cannot make the wind blow through your hair right when I click the shutter (even though that would be amazing!!!) it's just impossible lol!! So if your really into pinterest poses, please keep in mind that as a creative we want the ability to put our own twist, our own voice in the photograph-staying true to our style, our brand and our voice. Please trust me when I say...I can make magical moments happen that you'll love for your portraits, even better than that pin you just pinned to your must have list ;)



*past brides...can I get an amen?! did you  LOVE your portraits?!*