Wait....You Mean Dasani isn't Meant to be Photographed?? | Wedding Wisdoms | Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


It's not always easy peasy creating those stunning bridal portraits on the day of the wedding. I'm always having to think on my feet and be inventive of ways to make each portrait look clean, classic and pretty. So here are some ways that YOU the bride can help ensure that your wedding day portraits turn out just as beautiful as you'd hope.

Make sure the room you are getting ready in is clean and doesn't have clutter!! Those water bottles and empty champagne bottles need to be kept from view...also picking up bags and clothes all over the floor helps keep the pictures clean & classically elegant.

Don't block the natural light! Hang those dresses anywhere but the window, the more natural light the better. Also don't think I'm a crazy person when I turn the lights off....my flash becomes a pretty natural light ;) Trust Me.


Don't be afraid to hand me your dress....I promise to guard it with my life!! I love taking creative shots and I would never ruin it. So when I ask to borrow your dress, please have faith that it's in good hands!

Detail shots are my favorite and they should be yours too ;) Please gather every detail you are using that day! I include a list for each bride in their welcome email to help gather up everything I will need to create those amazing detail shots every one of my brides have raved about!! Plus they also help create a cohesive look for your wedding album if you purchase one!

Allow enough time for portraits. Detail shots take me about 30-45 min depending on how many you have...then getting ready photos are taken throughout that time. Please make sure you designate more time for PRE-Ceremony / Ceremony portraits!!! Reception isn't as important because tons of guests will be photographing the dancing-etc. Cake Cutting and Important Dances are totally worth covering....having your fraternity dancing drunk and shirtless....not so much.

This is your day and it's a once in a lifetime moment. You want to capture important moments and of course the details you've put so much thought into. You invest into this experience and you should enjoy it! Help make your photographs stunning and I promise you'll love them<3