When Murphy decides to visit...| Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer Sarah Houston Photography


Murphy's law can be such a pain and can cause some interesting yet slightly stressful outcomes...

A bride's stress-level can get pretty darn high at times-like borderline stroke level if the dress that you custom ordered comes in two sizes too small {insert eye-twitch here}. I gotta give it to you ladies...juggling- planning a wedding, working a job all while maintaining a social life is crazy insane. So what do you do when things don't always go right?

Take a deeeeeeeep breath. Seriously-breathe in right now. It's OK! yes the dress is a little snug, but they can fix it-especially if it was an error on their part. Those table linens are in the wrong color? Don't sweat it-even if it's the day of the wedding and they arrive wrong....it's not going to stop you from marrying the man of your dreams and your best friend in the whole world.

Enjoy the moments of your day. Every moment is worth taking in and really enjoying...this is a once in a lifetime event and worrying/stressing will not make the day special. Things happen-it's murphy's law, but I can assure you that everything can be fixed and that you'll love your photos no matter what.

Have a Drink. Not only does toasting champagne with your besties look adorable in photos-it also helps lighten the mood. Not really into the adult beverages route? Toast with sparkling cider or sprite...it looks just as great in photos and no one will know!

Smile, Laugh and be yourself. When things are going wrong or I'm stressed out...I tend to get stuck in my head, so I'll play a funny video on YouTube, text one of my friends or look at some funny photos on google. It def gets me out of my head and makes me laugh! You want to have photographs of this joyous occasion full of laughs, love and smiles.

The most important thing(s) to remember:

Running behind on schedule?-they can't start without you...you're the most important part!

Your soon-to-be-husband only cares about you and you alone walking down the aisle and saying "I Do" not if the flowers are wilting or the table linens are green not forest green.

Yes it may not always go as planned, BUT I can tell you that the only important thing that really truly does matter is saying "I Do" and becoming the "Mrs" you've always dreamed of!